The Experts Discuss the Age of Spaying Your Female Rottweiler.

What is Spaying?

Spaying refers to the surgical removal or replacement of the reproductive organs in a female animal’s body. This procedure is also known as an ovariohysterectomy. This procedure stops an animal from getting pregnant. It also eliminates the risk for ovarian and uterine cancer. Spaying eliminates the possibility of pyometra (a serious infection of your uterus), and also reduces the risk of pregnancy.

What age should a female Rottweiler be spayed?

A Rottweiler female should be spayed between 6 and 9 years of age. This is when the dog is sexually mature and all of her reproductive organs have developed. The procedure should be performed before the dog enters her first heat cycle. This usually occurs between 6-12 months of age. There are many benefits to spaying a Rottweiler female at an early stage of her life. This reduces the chance of unwanted pregnancies and certain types of cancer. It also eliminates the possibility of pyometra. It can also reduce the risk of aggression and marking, which are two common behavior problems.

What are the risks of having a female Rottweiler spayed too early?

Spaying a Rottweiler’s female Rottweiler too soon can pose risks. There is a higher risk of incontinence if the procedure is performed before the dog turns four months old. The hormones released during the procedure may affect the development and function of the bladder or urethra. If the procedure is performed before 6 months old, there is an increased chance of developing certain types of cancer such as mammary carcinoma. Also, there is a higher risk of developing skeletal problems if the procedure takes place before the dog turns 12 months old.

Alternatives to Spaying

There are options for those who are worried about the potential risks of spaying a Rottweiler’s female Rottweiler early. You can wait until your dog is at least twelve months old before you spay. This will ensure the dog is fully sexually mature and reduce the chance of developing skeletal or cancerous conditions. A progesterone-only contraceptive is another option. This contraceptive is hormone-based and prevents pregnancy. It does not affect hormones necessary for normal development. This contraceptive can be safely used in female Rottweilers to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

How to Spay a Female Rottweiler

It is important to weigh the benefits and risks before you decide to spay a Rottweiler female. To ensure the best outcome for your dog, it is important to talk to a veterinarian about the procedure. You should also consider the dog’s age. Spaying a Rottweiler female before she is sexually mature could increase her risk for certain types of cancer, and can cause skeletal problems. It is best to wait at least six months before spaying a Rottweiler female.


Spaying a female Rottweiler may have many benefits. It can prevent unwanted pregnancies, reduce the risk of certain cancers and help with behavior issues. Before you decide to spay a female Rottweiler, consider both the benefits and risks. You should wait at least six months before you spay your Rottweiler. Consult a veterinarian for more information about when a Rottweiler’s female Rottweiler should have her spayed. A veterinarian can give you more information about the benefits and risks of spaying, and also help you determine the best age to do it.

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