Is your pup’s panting and pinning consistent? The Tell-Tale Signs that a Dog’s First Heat is Coming!

What is the First Heat in Dogs

Proestrus, or the first heat in dogs is when the female dog’s reproductive cycle begins. The body of a female dog begins to prepare for pregnancy or mating during this period. It usually occurs between 6-24 months of age. The heat can last up to three weeks.

Signs of the First Heat in Dogs

Although signs of first heat can vary between dogs, they are usually:

1. Swollen Vulva

A swollen, vulvo-epidermal sign is the most obvious sign that a dog has experienced their first heat. A bloody discharge may accompany this swelling. The discharge can be pinkish or light in color. It may also be darker and more reddish.

2. Increased Urination

Female dogs may have a higher frequency of urination during the first heat. They may also have a smaller amount. This is because of the higher hormone levels in the body. It is a way for the female dogs to attract potential mates.

3. Increased appetite

Female dogs might experience increased appetite during the first heat. This can be due to an increase in hormone levels and may also cause weight gain.

4. Increased Aggression

Female dogs can become more aggressive during the first heat than they normally are. This can be due to an increase in hormone levels and may cause barking or growling.

5. Restlessness

Female dogs can become restless during the first heat and may start to pace around the house. The increased hormone levels in the body can cause this behavior. It may also be accompanied with whining or crying.

Dogs are treated for their first heat

Spaying a dog is the best way to deal with the first heat in dogs. Spaying involves the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries of the female dog. Spaying will stop a female dog going into heat and will reduce the chance of developing certain health conditions such as uterine infections or mammary cancers. Spaying a female before she has her first heat can reduce the likelihood of certain health conditions. However, it could also increase the chance of other health issues such as urinary problems. Before making a decision, discuss with your veterinarian the benefits and risks of spaying.


The beginning of the female reproductive cycle begins with the first heat in dogs. The first heat is when a female dog’s body prepares for pregnancy and mating. Although the signs of first heat can vary from dog to dog, they include a swollen stomach, increased urination and increased appetite. They also tend to be more aggressive, restless, and restless. Spaying your dog is the best way to deal with the first heat in dogs. Before making any decisions, it is important to talk with your veterinarian about the benefits and risks of spaying. Visit this site for more information

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